***New Location***

As many of you know moving my business to my hometown of Loudonville has always been a goal I had hoped to achieve at some point in my career. It is with much excitement and anticipation, I would like to announce, my business will be moving to Loudonville! 

An ideal location has become available and I feel this is too good of an opportunity to disregard. Originally, my plan was to wait until my son was finished with school at Montessori before I would make this move. However, issues with new property management in addition to having an opportunity with a prime location in this area, the original timeline has been expedited. Being almost 10 years into my career planning for my retirement is something I need to start. Downsizing to a smaller office close to home will allow me to save a significant amount each month, allowing me to start doing so. Furthermore, and most importantly, a closer location to home will allow me to be much more present at home with my family.

I have so much gratitude for the opportunity Wooster provided for my business to grow. I am so thankful for each and every one of my clients, everyone has become like an extended family to me. I cannot thank you enough for trusting in me, this allowed my business to grow. It reached a potential I could have never dreamed of. Without all of you that would not have been possible. Not only did it help with my business growth, but myself as a person. Just as much as I help bring self-confidence back to others your trust in me has done the same for myself. THANK YOU!

I understand logistically this is going to affect part of my clientele, and especially for those who already travel a distance to get to the office. For that I apologize. This has been my only apprehension with making this move. There is a girl that has started practicing in Dalton at a new Med Spa that has went in, this may be logistically a better option. If you would like that information, I would be more than happy to share that with you. I absolutely would love to have all of you continue to allow me to provide treatments for you. I understand however if you choose to go elsewhere, do what works best for you.  I will be making some small changes to my current hours, that will hopefully help to make this transition smoother. 

I plan to be in the new office starting March of 2023.

The new address is 263 W Main St. Loudonville OH, 44842.

I look forward to seeing you at the new office!