Question: Is electrolysis permanent?

Answer: Yes, electrolysis is the only FDA and AMA approved method for permanent hair removal.

Question: How many treatments does it require?

Answer: An exact amount of time or treatments can not be guaranteed, due to the  many factors that influence hair growth. During the consultation we will discuss in detail the hair growth cycle and factors which can stimulate new hair growth.

Question: Is it painful?

Answer: A topical anesthetic is used in assisting to numb the area. In combination with use of insulated probes and microflash technique on an Apilus epilator, discomfort during the treatment is minimal. Microflash technique allows for the current to be applied for a hundreth of a second. In most cases the nerve does not have time to respond to the current.

Question: How long is a typical treatment?

Answer: Treatment times vary depending on the area which is being treated and the amount of hair growth in that area.

Question: What is the cost of treatments?

Answer: Treatment cost is $1.00/ minute plus sales tax.