Electrolysis Treatment

The dermal papilla and regenerative cells, which make the hair grow, are located in the bottom two thirds of the hair follicle. This is the area to be targeted to destroy the hair permanently. A fine insulated probe is inserted into the follicle of the hair and a minute current is applied, destroying the dermal papilla and regenerative cells so the hair will never grow again.  The hair must be long enough to be retrieved by forceps at the time of the treatment.

Treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy. Hair can be removed from anywhere on the body except inside the ears or nose. Treatment cost is $1.50/minute plus sales tax.

*** At this time I am not able to take new clients. A regular scheduled treatment plan with your  hair growth cycle is very important for success. Due to a large influx of new clients recently, in conjunction with, an already established clientele base my ability to maintain that booking schedule at this time is at it’s max. ***

***ALL NEW CLIENTS must schedule a detailed consultation before any treatment can take place. Due to high volume of no show/late cancellations a $25 booking fee will be charged to hold appointment.