Agate Electrolysis was established in 2013 by Cosmetic Therapist, Terra Britt, providing electrolysis for men and women with unwanted hair. Living in a society that is  image driven and often shameful towards individuals with unwanted hair, it can be very distressful and embarrassing for those affected by it. Agate Electrolysis was created with the soul purpose to provide affordable, safe, and  permanent hair removal to all who struggle with unwanted hair.

Through life experiences I decided to take a more natural approach to my health care. Although I know Reiki cannot replace Western Medicine, I didn’t feel Western Medicine was meeting my needs. So, I started looking for alternatives to bring myself back to health. I discovered Reiki.  I was attuned to second degree Reiki, and practiced self Reiki for several years. Then in 2017, I decided to become a Reiki Master. I was attuned in traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho TJR and Non-traditional systems. I also took animal Reiki training, and received a certificate as an animal Reiki Practitioner.  As I benefitted more and more from self Reiki, I decided it was time to share Reiki with others. Here at Agate Electrolysis, I will offer Reiki for people in addition to clearing and programing crystals and stones.